Silver Plus is a retractable roof system, adapted to aluminium structure. With its clean and modern design, Silver Plus adds value to your outdoor areas.

The product is usable according to its User Manual in all-weather conditions and designed to be used in all four seasons. If desired the product can be made into retractable winter garden by closing the sides with different kinds of enclosures.

Rail-Type-1 Rail-type-2 Front-Beam Gutter Pillar
Rail Type I 12×15 Rail Type II 12×15 Front Beam 10×15 Gutter 13×13 Pillar 10×10


Depending on whether you want strong practical lighting, or an atmospheric dimmed ambience, you can choose between the Spot Lights with Palmiye’s 3-Lens LED Technology or the Linear Lights. You can dim the lights directly from your Remote Control or Smart Phones. Investing in LED technologies is part of Palmiye’s contribution to a greener environment.

For environmental protection or create outdoor living areas used throughout four seasons, Pergola sides can be covered by glass systems, louvers, drop arm awnings, external vertical zip blind, external vertical blind.


Internationally renowned Somfy motors from France are used to operate all of our prodducts. Guaranteed for 5 years and using RTS technology, the motors can be operated at the simple touch of a button